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Introducing the cutting-edge Automatic Pouch Labeling System, setting a new benchmark for precise label application across a wide range of bag sizes commonly utilized by various industries today. Its innovative and versatile design caters to pouches and bags with diverse features, including child-resistant zippers, press-to-close zippers, bottom gussets, and more.


Tailored to accommodate an array of pouch lengths and qualities, this system achieves remarkable speeds of up to 100 pouches per minute, effectively addressing the requirements of two Simplex or one Duplex premade pouch baggers. This high-capacity, pressure-sensitive pouch labeler is optimized to flawlessly label pouches intended for an extensive spectrum of products, such as flowers, gummies, candies, edibles, and beyond.


This versatile labeling solution boasts a dual-lane powered magazine designed for both filled and empty pouches. Its precision-driven pick-and-place mechanism, coupled with a Herma servo-driven label applicator, works in harmony with advanced Allen Bradley PLC and user-friendly HMI controls. Swift and seamless changeovers are facilitated by recalling an HMI recipe and making minimal mechanical adjustments on the machine.

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    Our state-of-the-art Pouch Labeling System prioritizes operator safety with interlock safety guards in place. It proudly holds a CSA certification, recognized by UL and ESA, ensuring compliance with stringent safety standards. This certification is meticulously validated at our factory before shipping. While it shines as a stand-alone labeling solution, our Pouch Labeling System seamlessly integrates into your existing packaging line, enhancing your overall workflow.

    Designed to accommodate a diverse array of pouch sizes, ranging from 3.6 inches to 10 inches in width, with a maximum length of 10 inches, this user-friendly system is adept at handling a broad range of bagged products. Pouches are securely held by suction cups within the magazine and smoothly transferred onto a continuous-motion cleated conveyor. This process guarantees impeccable pouch alignment, laying the foundation for precise labeling. Operating at a rate of two pouches per cycle, the machine employs photocells to promptly detect any pouch jams, thereby triggering an automatic halt in operation. The dual-lane magazine conveniently allows refilling during operation, effectively eliminating potential downtime.

    For scenarios involving blank or partially blank labels, the system offers seamless integration with various brands of Thermal Transfer Overprinters (TTO). This empowers you to print variable information and barcodes as needed. Additionally, the system readily accommodates integration with inkjet (CIJ) or thermal inkjet coders, enabling direct printing onto the pouches. To ensure impeccable print quality and label presence, the system can also integrate vision systems for thorough inspection. The system’s versatility extends to optional features like faulty pouch rejection, an accumulation conveyor, and the capability to simultaneously apply top and bottom labels through a second label applicator.

    Adapting to your production floor layout, labeled pouches can be systematically accumulated in bins, on accumulation tables, or seamlessly transferred to the infeed conveyor of a Fill & Seal Machine.


Labelers / Pressure-Sensitive / Pouches

    Automatic Cannabis Pouch Labeler


    Heavy-duty tubular stainless steel construction

    Adjustable Leveling Feet

    Motorized Cleated Conveyor

    Centrally adjusted guide rails for product alignment

    Pneumatic Pivot Beak (for label application)

    Controled by Allen Bradley PLC and HMI

    Herma servo label head

    Compliant to safety regulations e.g. UL, CSA, OSHA

    NEMA 4X Stainless Steel Control Box (with lockable main power switch)


    Various pouch infeed magazines available

    Bottom mounted label applicator


    Smallest Pouch Size: 100mm (W) x 150mm (L)

    Largest Pouch Size: 300mm (W) x 380mm (L)

    Speed up to 100 per minute

    Pneumatics: 80 PSI @ 8 SCFM

    Maximum label roll diameter: 300mm (11.5'')


    Label Core Diameter: 80mm (3'')

    Compact footprint: 92`` (L) x 32`` (W) x 90`` (H)


    Cannabis products
    Cannabis Products

    confection and sweets
    Confection & Sweets

    Pharma & Nutra

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