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The newest Concetti Pet Food Bagger is here!

Discover the new IMF ĀLĒS bagging machine, designed for speed, efficiency, and versatility in pet food packaging. Learn about other reliable bagging machines from Concetti, offering seamless, customizable solutions to elevate your production line...

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Cannabis Packaging Trends & Challenges Image

Navigating Cannabis Packaging Trends & Challenges

Licensed Producers (LPs) are at the crossroads of innovation and compliance, navigating through a maze of regulatory frameworks while striving to carve out unique brand identities. The current trends and challenges in cannabis packaging underscore a pivotal era of transformation....

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Link Pack is now an AQIC Member

Rejoignez-nous pour MJ BIZ Con, le plus grand salon du cannabis d'Amérique du Nord, et bénéficiez d'une réduction sur l'inscription en utilisant notre code d'invité !...

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Join us at MJ Biz Con in Las Vegas from November 29 - Dec 1, 2023.

MJ BIZ Con Las Vegas 2023

Join us for MJ BIZ Con the biggest baddest cannabis show in North America & get a discounted registration when using our guest code!...

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Automated Bagging Machines

A Guide to Automated Bagging Machines

Dive into the realm of automated bagging machines! Discover the most common bagging solutions and how these machines enhance product quality, reduce manual labor reliance, and elevate manufacturing excellence. ...

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