Improved Production with a Semi-Automatic Honey Filling Line

Improved Production with a Semi-Automatic Honey Filling Line

Image de la ligne de remplissage installé chez le client

Our semi-automatic honey filling line, equipped with advanced technology, guarantees precision and speed throughout the honey bottling process.


From jar placement to accurate honey dispensing, our system, composed of two meticulously crafted Link Pack-manufactured pieces of equipment—the Rotary Infeed Table and Wrap Labeling Machine—ensures seamless operation.


Paired with an OEM sourced heated piston filler and cap torquer, this system guarantees accuracy, minimizing wastage, and maximizing yield.

The intuitive interface conveniently stores parameters for multiple containers, making system operation a breeze. With minimal training, your staff can efficiently manage the entire filling process, saving both time and resources.


Moreover, our semi-automatic honey filling line prioritizes hygiene, featuring easy-to-clean components that meet the highest industry standards.

This versatile line can function as a stand-alone solution for constrained production spaces or seamlessly integrate into an existing production line.


Investing in a semi-automatic or fully automatic honey filling line is a strategic move to enhance honey packaging capabilities.

The Scalable Semi-Automatic Filling Line

Our demi-automatic and automatic filling lines are modular and scalable, providing manufacturers with the flexibility to expand their production capacity easily.

For scalability, individual components such as fillers, conveyors, and cappers can be easily added, removed, or replaced for quick adjustments.


Planning for growth from the onset is crucial, and working with suppliers who understand scalability and provide ongoing support is a major advantage.

Versatile Honey Packaging with Multiple Container Sizes

Honey producers use various container sizes and materials strategically. The honey filling line discussed here was programmed to recall parameters for five different formats of rigid containers, accommodating a diverse product range.

Scalable filling lines should handle various packaging formats with quick changeovers to minimize downtime and make product diversification less daunting.


The requested container formats include:

  1. Plastic teddy bear 350g bottle
  2. Plastic ovaloid 500g bottle
  3. Glass 280g bottle
  4. Glass 500g bottle
  5. Glass 1kg bottle

Overcoming Challenges in the Honey Filling Line

Rigorous testing revealed challenges, especially with plastic containers. Thorough tests and equipment adjustments are routine to ensure optimal packaging efficiency. Our technicians addressed a noteworthy puckering issue with plastic containers, recognizing the unique challenge they pose.

The honey-filling line was optimized through extensive testing to ensure the best quality and consistency, especially for viscous products like honey.

Récipients de miel de forme ovale

Investing in a Semi-Automatic Filling Line for Viscous or Semi-Viscous Products

Filling station included in the filling, capping and labeling line.

Investing in a semi-automatic filling line for viscous or semi-viscous products like honey is key to unlocking unparalleled efficiency and precision in your honey processing. Designed with cutting-edge automated technology, our complete semi-automatic honey filling system guarantees precision and speed, from jar placement to accurate honey dispensing, capping, and labeling.

Crafted meticulously with top-notch components, our Honey Filling Line ensures optimal accuracy, minimizing wastage, and maximizing yield. The intuitive interface, capable of storing parameters for multiple containers, makes operation a breeze, allowing your staff to efficiently manage the filling process with minimal training. With a focus on hygiene and easy-to-clean components meeting industry standards, our line stands out.

Whether as a stand-alone solution for confined spaces or integrated into an existing production line, this investment is a strategic move to propel your honey processing capabilities to new heights. Streamline your production with our Semi-Automatic Filling line adapted to your product. Whether it be powders, chunks, or liquids, we have a solution to help grow your success.

5 Must-Haves for a Honey Filling Line Checklist

Bottling Precision

Automated technology that guarantees precision at every step of the bottling process.

Flexible Modularity

Modularity and scalability which allows for easy adjustments and equipment changes or additions.

Easy Parameter Setup

PLC & HMI for easy parameter recall for diverse packaging sizes.

Hygienic Maintenance

Hygienic features and easy maintenance to meet rigorous industry standards.

Trusted Support

Technical support from an honest a rigorous team that you can trust.

Automated Solutions Consultation

At Link Pack, we aim to help our clients create an optimized product packaging line with solutions ranging from primary packaging all the way to palletisation. What we do not manufacture is sourced from some of the most reputed OEMs in the world.

What sets us apart from our competitors is our true desire to provide you with modular solutions that “fit” your aspirations – not ours. For every project, we provide the technical support to ensure we are both successful. Contact us to start exploring what solutions can take you to the next level!

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