The newest Concetti Pet Food Bagger is here!

Introducing the IMF ālĕs Bagger 

The Latest in Concetti’s Pet Food Packaging Line

We are thrilled to present their newest offering, the ĀLĒS Bagger because we always strive to deliver high-quality packaging solutions that meet and exceed our clients’ expectations. Our strong partnership with Concetti, a trusted name in bagging equipment, allowes us to deliver advanced and reliable packaging systems to the North American pet food industry. 


IMF ālĕs gives your production wings. Concetti has launched a new high-capacity automatic pet food bagging machine that reaches up to 1800 bags/hour in the 3-20 kg range.

What Makes the IMF ālĕs Bagger Special?


Concetti’s IMF ālĕs Bagger is the latest innovation in their lineup of bagging machines. With its advanced technology, this bagger sets a new standard in pet food packaging by offering:


  • Precision and Speed: The ālĕs bagger boasts highly accurate filling and sealing capabilities, ensuring minimal waste while maintaining rapid bagging speeds.
  • Versatile Bag Sizes: Adaptable to different bag sizes, it suits various product needs.
  • Airtight Sealing: Cutting-edge sealing technology keeps products fresh and reduces spoilage.
The New Concetti ALES

ālĕs Pet Food Bagging: Fast, Efficient, and Customizable

The new IMF ālĕs pet food bagger is crafted with high-quality components and is ideal for long production runs. It includes Concetti’s signature features like automatic bag changeovers in a minute and versatile, reliable performance even in 24/7 operations. The advanced sealing technology keeps pet food fresh and extends product shelf life.


Notable new features include flexible customization options, empty bag coding and printing, and Velcro bag reopening devices. Plus, it can accommodate eco-friendly and recyclable bags, helping you meet sustainability goals.


Energy-efficient brushless motors provide gentle handling and reduce the machine’s footprint. Its innovative design offers easy access for cleaning and maintenance, minimizing downtime.

Pair the IMF ālĕs with an automatic palletizer from Concetti for a seamless, comprehensive solution. Reach out to our technical team to learn more today!

 Alternative Compact Range of Pet Food Baggers

Alongside the IMF ālĕs, Concetti offers several other versatile bagging machines tailored for the pet food industry. The IGF series of automatic baggers which ensure accurate filling and sealing, handling bags of different sizes and materials. With speeds ranging from 600-1200 b/h, the IGF’s compact dimensions, reliable performance and flexibility make them suitable for any packaging line. With Concetti’s advanced baggers, you can count on consistent quality and efficiency in every bag.


For a seamless all-in-one solution, the FFS Machine automates the entire packaging process with high precision and outputs of over 1800 b/h with consistent results. The Form-Fill-Seal Machine produces bags from roll stock (tubular PE reels), which are cost-effective as they provide savings in storage space and money compared to pre-made pet food bags.

Why Link Pack Partners with Concetti

When it comes to packaging machinery, we know that reliability and performance are key. Concetti consistently delivers innovative solutions that meet our clients’ needs for precision, efficiency, and product protection. Their dedication to quality and advanced engineering sets them apart from other OEMs, making them our preferred choice.


With Concetti, we ensure your packaging process will run smoothly and efficiently, ultimately leading to satisfied customers and better productivity.

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Automated Solutions Consultation

At Link Pack, we aim to help our clients create an optimized product packaging line with solutions ranging from primary packaging all the way to palletisation. What we do not manufacture is sourced from some of the most reputed OEMs in the world.

What sets us apart from our competitors is our true desire to provide you with modular solutions that “fit” your aspirations – not ours. For every project, we provide the technical support to ensure we are both successful. Contact us to start exploring what solutions can take you to the next level!

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