Discover the Game-Changer in Food Packaging: HFFS Insights Revealed

Food manufacturing is no longer what it once was, and spearheading this transformative journey is the HFFS machine. As esteemed leaders in the sector, you recognize the imperative to be on top of industry advances, ensuring your enterprise remains at the forefront of innovation. Dive into our exclusive webinar recording to understand this shift in-depth.

HFFS, the Heart of the Packaging Revolution: Watch the Recording

Unlock access to a comprehensive 68-minute recording that demystifies the world of Horizontal Form Fill Seal (HFFS) technology, its implications, and its game-changing role in reshaping packaging’s future. Witness insights from the true maestros of the field.

What’s Inside:

Led by Jean-François Biron from Link-Pack Group, a key figure in the packaging realm.

In-depth perspectives from Industry Heavyweights:

Robert Libera from PPI Technologies - Showcasing groundbreaking HFFS applications.

Roberto Travaglini from TC Packaging - Delving into the commercial outcomes and ROI of integrating HFFS

Olaf Clemens from SN Maschinenbau - Discussing the technological specifics and advances of HFFS equipment.

Engaging Q&A Segment: Real questions, expert answers. See what the industry is curious about.

Why Access this Recording?

Knowledge at its Best:

Get an unparalleled view of HFFS, from its mechanics to its strategic significance.

Stay Ahead of the Curve:

Arm yourself with insights that can guide pivotal business decisions, positioning your firm at the zenith of innovation.

Rich Learning Experience:

Gain from the experiences and insights of seasoned experts and thought leaders in the field.


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    Jean-François Biron

    Sales and marketing background in the automation and packaging equipment industries. Strong interest in technologies, new packaging development, sustainability and marketing strategies.