Serac : Creating Performance Together


With over 50 years of experience, Serac Group is a trusted leader and innovator in the ever-evolving market of primary packaging. Their comprehensive expertise and unique solutions cater to the diverse challenges faced by factory managers, production managers, and maintenance managers.


Their understanding of the complex demands of tomorrow’s customers, the need for environmental and safety compliance, and the pursuit of excellence is what keeps them at the forefront of the industry. Innovation is at the core of everything they do, enabling them to create value and drive business development.


As the packaging solutions market steadily evolves, the Serac Group thrives on its international influence, extensive knowledge, and a strong local presence. Their  dedicated teams are committed to helping customers achieve their performance, profitability, and sustainability goals.


Serac’s strength lies in theability to provide the best solutions and to anticipate the evolving needs of our customers. Every machine built is a testament to the expertise and dedication their dedicated team.


For more information on this supplier, please visit www.serac-group.com

Serac Group

Serac Group

Serac Attributes

  • Creativity:  the ability to respond in a relevant way to all customer issues.
  • Commitment: the desire to always go further and overcome project challenges.
  • Reliability: the ability to share expertise, experience, flexibility and reliability.
  • Multi-Local: to understand international markets & offer relevant services across borders.

Filling & Capping Machines

Serac has unique expertise designing and manufacturing filling and capping machines for manufacturers of liquid and viscous products, they are also well adapted for abrasive, corrosive or inflammable products. Their range of semi-automatic & fully automated filling & capping machinery provides solutions adapted to a wide variety of container sizes and shapes.

Serac Trainings

With Serac’s training programs, your operators will gain comprehensive knowledge and practical skills to operate the equipment effectively. Experienced trainers will guide them through best practices, ensuring they understand the equipment’s functionalities, controls, and maintenance requirements. This knowledge equips your operators to optimize production efficiency, minimize downtime, and enhance overall equipment performance!


Serac offers 4 types of training:

1- Production
2- Maintenance
3- Automation
4- Hygiene


Liquid Filling Machine
Accessories / Chemicals / Dairy / In Stock / Liquids / Liquids / Rigid Container Machinery / Serac / Viscous & Semi-Viscous / Viscous & Semi-Viscous
Rotary Filler & Pump Placer
Chemicals / Chemicals / Liquids / Liquids / Rigid Container Machinery / Serac / Viscous & Semi-Viscous / Viscous & Semi-Viscous
Rotary Filler-Capper
Chemicals / Chemicals / Dairy / Dairy / Dairy / Liquids / Liquids / Pharma & Nutra / Rigid Container Machinery / Serac / Viscous & Semi-Viscous / Viscous & Semi-Viscous

Serac Machinery

Rotary Filler-Capper