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Serac eTCS 2 Brushless Capper

Serac’s eTCS 2 capper is a servomotor-driven rotary machine built in 304 stainless steel. Designed for companies looking for flawless capping operations. This servo-driven capper optimizes the placement and closure of even the most complex caps, with unrivalled precision and consistency.


This servo-driven rotary capper is designed with high-performance electric servomotors that deliver constant screwing force and minimize the impact of inertia for efficient cap application. It features advanced capping heads designed to remain stable during capping, avoiding unnecessary rotation, reducing wear and improving reliability. This intelligent machine closes the jaw only when a cork is present, optimizing operation and productivity. Each capping head is electronically controlled, enabling precise adjustments to suit different cork types and sizes. The machine also features a comprehensive data management system that enables users to analyze and record all corking reports, facilitating process monitoring and quality control.


With its advanced features and reliable performance, the eTCS 2 servo-rotary capper is the ideal choice for companies looking to enhance the capabilities of their packaging line.


Rigid Containers / Fillers / Cappers

    Bouchonneuse rotative à servomoteur Serac


    High speed up to 600 containers/min (8-20 oz containers)

    Cap height: 10-100 mm

    Cap width : 10-100 mm

    Adjustable tightening: 10-80 cm.daN

    Individually motorized screwing heads

    Electric servomotor for constant screwing



    304 stainless steel construction

    1 solenoid per head



    Viscous & Semi-Viscous
    Viscous and Semi-Viscous

    Chemicals & Cleaners

    Pharma & Nutra