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Used Duplex Pouch Bagger

PSGLee RP 8TW High Speed Rotary Bagger

Looking for a high-speed rotary fill seal machine that ensures high productivity for small and medium-sized pouches? This Leepack Duplex Rotary Pouch Bagger, part of the renowned LEEPACK RP Series, comes equipped with a 2-head piston filler and a 2-lane checkweigher.


In stock and ready to ship immediately! It’s the perfect opportunity to get a top-notch duplex bagger at a great price. The filler can be replaced for powder filling operations.


This lighly used Leepack Duplex Rotary Pouch Bagger is optimized for high-speed production, ensuring stable and consistent product output even under demanding conditions.


Compatible Pouches

  • pre-formed zipperless (with or without gussets)
  • unzipped zipper closure pouches with gussets
  • zipped gussetless pouches with an open bottom


With a pouch width range of 100mm to 140mm and a length of up to 350mm, this machine achieves a speed of approximately 70-90 pouches per minute, making it an ideal solution for packaging various liquids, viscous and granular products.


Bagger / FS / Premade Pouches

    Machine Details

    Pouch Examples


    High quality construction and long-lasting machine components

    Allen Bradley PLC

    Proface HMI (Allen Bradley optional)

    Central operation and visualization via touch screen

    Compliant to safety regulations e.g. CE, UL, CSA, OSHA

    Pouch control (no pouch - no filling)

    Pouch gripper adjustment from HMI

    Recipe management from HMI


    Pre-made Sealable laminated film

    Pouch width: 3.9'' to 5.9``

    208V, 3ph, 60Hz

    Pneumatic: 80 to 90 PSI / 35 scfm / 600NL/min. clean dry air



    Viscous & Semi-Viscous
    Viscous & Semi-Viscous

    Dairy Products

    Liquids with Chunks
    Liquids with Chunks

    Pet Food
    Wet or Dry Pet Food

    Solids in Brine


    nuts and dried-fruit
    Nuts and dried fruit

    Powder or Liquid Chemicals