6 key factors to consider when buying a pouch bagger

6 Key Factors to Consider when Buying a Pre-Made Pouch Bagger

Modern Pre-Made Pouch Baggers are growing in popularity with brand owners and retailers over many product categories, including the food and consumer product industries. Continued technological advancements in the packaging industry now offer better overall machine performance and the use of multiple bag types, including resealable and recyclable pouch materials. Bagging machines are also more convenient and versatile than ever, providing the flexibility to produce different bag sizes and styles with the same equipment and allowing food processors to offer their customers a multitude of options. Below we highlight the key elements to consider to make an informed decision when choosing your Rotary Pre-Made Pouch Bagger.

6 Key Factors to Consider when Buying a Pouch Bagger

Quick Changeover Times

Pouch Manipulation Devices

Production Environment

Choice of Design and Features

Long-Term Performance and Reliability

Supplier Expertise

Ensacheuse Simplex RT 108


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    Key Considerations

    There are several factors worth considering when purchasing a bagging machine for pre-formed bag; we have expanded on the 6 points we feel are most important to helping along the purchasing journey. We aim to help you make an informed decision that will result in increased packaging productivity.


    The white paper is a tool to help you better understand all the critical aspects of the pre-formed bagging machinery design and the advantages they offer in terms of production optimization and ease of use.


    For more information on reliable pouch bagging machinery that will improve your operations, please take a look at our LEEPACK/PSG LEE Baggers.

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