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Partnerships in Automation with Original Equipment Manufacturers

Explore how our team seamlessly integrates with US & European OEM powerhouses to deliver state-of-the-art technology and exceptional service to propel your facility forward.

As a proud partner of many leading US and European Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), we are dedicated to bridging the gap between local needs and global innovators. Our partnerships enable us to offer the best of international packaging technology to Canadian manufacturers specializing in various industries.


Link Pack’s core philosophy is the importance of strong, lasting relationships with our clients & OEM partners. This is why we invest heavily in building connections that go beyond mere business transactions. Our technical service team undergoes rigorous training at OEM partner facilities, ensuring they are true extensions of these world-class manufacturers in Canada. This unique approach allows us to offer unparalleled technical expertise and support which mirror the standards set by our partners.


Our aim is to become more than just your packaging equipment and technical service provider, but become a strategic partner that adds significant value to your operations. Our model is based on sharing talent, space, resources, and joining forces. In today’s competitive landscape, where competence and flexibility are paramount, we are your partner in seizing emerging opportunities and adapting to new more efficient technologies!

Our Partners

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