Semi-Automatic Liquid Filling Machine

Serac 2229


The Serac filling machine is a semi-automatic net weigh filler specially designed to fill any homogeneous liquid products. The 316L stainless steel contact parts makes it the ideal filling system for edible oil, pharmaceutical, cosmetics or other liquid products for human or animal consumption. Filling foamy products? Not a problem, let our team run a test at our lab and we can determine which combination of valve, seat and screens will control even the most foamy products.


Thanks to years of expertise serving the chemical industry, the engineering team from Serac can build filling machine for corrosive, abrasive and other dangerous liquid products. The contact parts (tank, valve, seat etc) can be built with Titanium, Hastelloy or plastic (PPH or PVC).  The Serac P1 can also be used in classified production rooms to bottle flammable products.


This filler offers extreme accuracy with a system based on weighing the container and laminar gravity filling. The scalable system comes in mono and twin filling options to improve productivity rates and precision while controlling production constraints.


Weigh filling technology is resistant to temperature change or product aeration. Pneumatically actuated nozzles ensure smooth filling without splashback and offer a greater autonomyspeedaccuracy, and flexibility.


The controller of the semi-automatic filler comes with a touch screen to memorize and recall recipes for your different products and fill weights. All production data can also be exported for QA purposes and to improve performance and ROI over time. No other entry-level liquid filler can offer you more for the price!


Accessories / Rigid Containers / Net Weigh Fillers

    Serac Filling and Capping Machine


    A full set of nozzles to handle a variety of products

    Excellent cleanability due to stainless steel 316 product tank with no retention zone

    Product quality: durable machine structure built in 304 stainless steel

    Tool-less nozzle assembly for short change-over time ensure quick change-overs

    Up to 2 pneumatically actuated nozzles for smooth splash-reduced filling

    Push button and pedal filling cycle initiation


    Integrated castor rollers

    Pneumatic rotating screw capper

    Overscrew workstation

    Twin filling head version to double output

    ATEX protections

    Corrosive resistant material with PP or PE parts


    Handles a wide range of container shapes and sizes up to 15 kg or 75 kg

    Electronic dosing module (Dispensing valve diameter: 1½ ``)

    1 Nm3/h 6 bars

    Compressed air: 5 cfm @ 100 psi

    Footprint, approx (LxWxH): 30`` x 31.5`` x 102``



    Personal Care
    Personal Care

    Soups and Sauces
    Oils and Sauces

    Paints and Thinners

    Household Cleaners
    Household products