Linear Scale / Weigh Filler

ActionPac ME109

The Me109 is a simple and complete net weight filler for bagging bulk dry, granular, free-flowing uniform particles products like coffee and tea.


The Me109 linear scale is an easy to use complete system, including a floor stand, a large hopper for bulk product transfer, and a controller. Many recipes can be stored and recalled from the controller, which is available with soft-touch buttons or touch screen options. The adjustable gate controls bulk product flow from the hopper to the vibratory plate; the frequency of the vibro plate is also adjustable.


Depending on the product and the type of packaging, different chute sizes or shapes are available. For instance, coffee packaging will be done with an extended square chute, allowing the operator to open the bottom of the bags for precise filling.


Weigh fillers and mixers

    net weight filler


    High speed filling allows up to 8 - 12 cycles per minute

    High Net Weight Accuracy from 1/100oz (1/10 grams)

    Hopper from 2 - 12 cubic feet

    Foot pedal included

    Product feed by vibrating pan

    Control pannel keypad


    Hopper vibrator

    Food-grade wash down

    Weigh buckets from 1 - 5 lbs


    Heavy-duty stainless steel and thick wall tubing

    Range: 2 oz - 5lbs

    Electricity: 115 VAC, 3 amps, 60 hz

    Compressed air: 1 cfm @ 50psi

    Footprint approx. W 22`` x L 26`` x D 28``



    Nuts & Dried Fruits