Rotary Filler & Pump Placer 20L

Serac R20D10/1080

Serac’s Rotary Filler & Pump Placer Rotary Filler-Cappers are constructed with 304 stainless steel. Designed to fill a wide variety of products, it is an ideal solution to fill various container sizes and shapes with any homogeneous liquid products, including foods, cosmetic lotions and creams. The Puck design handles unstable containers with ease and allows for eay changeovers.


The state-of-the-art Pump Capper is brushless Serac-designed innovation offering superior performance, reliability, and traceability. This includes advanced controls for torque, rotation, and push-down pressure.


This is an ideal model for businesses with diverse product lines. Boasting an effortless changeover system, quick and simple adjustments and pucks, it allows for seamless transitions between different bottle types. Reduing product giveaway

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    with its highly accurate and consistent filling which prohibits excessive foaming, drips, or stringing from the nozzles due to its Clean Filling Technology with Net Weight Control.


    Serac machines are constructed with long-lasting technology and materials for low maintenance. The solid structure reduces vibrations, increases accuracy, and provides a safe production environment for your operators.


Rigid Container Machinery / Filler / Capper

    Image de la remplisseuse-bouchonneuse Serac


    High speed up to 150 containers/min (20L containers)

    Puck Handling System

    Pump Delivery System

    Jam Preventing Sensor

    Materials PET, PP, PS Aluminum, Glass

    Long life

    Exceptionally easy to clean

    Filling accuracy of 1g/liter


    Bi-color tanks for sequence filling

    Corrosive resistant material with PP or PE parts

    Enclosed cabin and sterile air generator

    Brushless synchronization with other equipments

    ATEX protections

    OIML Weight and measurement certification


    304 stainless steel construction

    Containers 100g to 60kg


    Viscous & Semi-Viscous
    Viscous and Semi-Viscous

    Personal Care
    Personal Care

    Chemicals and Cleaners