End-of-Line Case Sealing


The ShurSEAL® solution is designed to every case that leaves your facility is 100% sealed. Dramatically ing downtime by optimizing roll replacement, a common problem in fast-paced packaging operations. By focusing on the production of a secure seal that meets industry standards, this system ensures that your cases are protected and ready for shipment.


The PrimeLock applicator can also accommodate the patented FoldedEdge system, which reinforces the adhesive film and enables knife-free opening of packages, eliminating knife-related workplace accidents and damaged products in retail settings.


Improve the efficiency of your packaging line and the integrity of your sealed cases with our advanced end-of-line solution for quick changeovers. It’s a three-part solution integrating the robust Shurtape® HP Series packaging tape and innovative PrimeLoc™ tape applicator, offering smooth operations in high-speed environments, as well as quarterly preventive maintenance services to ensure your system and operators are always up to speed and delivering maximum efficiency.


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End-of-Line / Case Sealing / Tape

    Image de la tête applicatrice de ruban adhésif PrimeLock


    Retrofits into over 300 machines including major brands

    10 sec. roll changes

    Easy threading dur to its open easy-access body

    Eliminates lifiting & strain

    Unrivaled wipe-down force for an optimal bond

    Instant permanent adhesion to carton fibres

    Smooth and easy film release from the roll


    Wireless Self-Charging Alarm

    Folded-edge technology reinforces strength and creates a ready-to-open case seal