Cobot-Assisted Precision: Link Pack’s Breakthrough Prototype

Cobot-Assisted Labeler

Cobot-Assisted Precision: Link Pack’s Breakthrough Prototype

In the ever-evolving landscape of automation, where efficiency and precision are paramount, the Link Pack Team pushes the boundaries of innovation. With a remarkable legacy of expertise spanning over two decades manufacturing custom labeling equipment for various types of packaging, Link Pack has raised the bar with their latest creation – a cobot-assisted labeling prototype. Spearheaded by the lead engineer and co-founder, Pierre Dérival, and the Director of Sales, Jean-François, this groundbreaking prototype addresses the unique needs of manufacturers dealing with more complex products that demand careful manipulation and precise positioning of labels.

Vers la précision avec l'étiquetage assisté par cobot.

The Journey of Expertise: Two Decades of Labeling Mastery

Link Pack’s team is on a journey to perfect the art of label application. With an unwavering commitment to excellence, the team has continually refined its skills and expanded its understanding of diverse packaging requirements. Pierre Dérival, the lead engineer, and Jean-François, the Director of Sales, have been instrumental in driving the company’s success, constantly pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the realm of labeling technology.

Cobot-Assisted Labeling: Bridging the Gap

While the market is saturated with automated labeling systems, a gap exists when it comes to addressing more complex applications. Traditional inline systems excel at handling top, bottom, sides, or wrap applications. However, they can fall short when confronted with the intricacies of multiple locations, varied directions, or challenging positioning scenarios common in modern manufacturing. Cobot-Assisted Labelers can provide much-needed dexterity to address the lacunes in more traditional labeling systems.

Cobot and Labeling: An Ally for Precision

Cobots, or collaborative robots, are increasingly visible in nearly every aspect of manufacturing. They are ideal allies in achieving complex labeling tasks. Cobots can perform delicate movements, mirroring the precision of human actions. What sets them apart is their dexterity and commitment to safety. They are designed to work seamlessly alongside human operators, ensuring a secure environment while handling intricate or repetitive tasks that manual labor alone can’t achieve.


In the context of labeling applications, cobots shine by executing repetitive movements with exactness. This attribute is particularly crucial for assisting with perfect label positioning in scenarios where regular labelers might struggle. The marriage of automation and precision offered by cobots not only enhances the accuracy of labeling but also contributes to overall operational efficiency.

Unveiling Success: The Las Vegas Pack Expo Showcase

Link Pack’s cobot-assisted labeling solution made its debut at the Las Vegas Pack Expo this past September, and the response was nothing short of spectacular. Attendees marveled at the capabilities of this innovative solution, recognizing its potential to revolutionize the labeling landscape. The prototype demonstrated its prowess in handling complex labeling tasks, leaving an indelible mark on the minds of industry professionals.

Salon Industriel de Terrebonne

Your Invitation to Witness Innovation: Upcoming Exhibition at Salon Industriel de Terrebonne

If you missed the chance to witness the prototype in action at the Las Vegas Pack Expo, fret not. Link Pack is thrilled to announce that the cobot-assisted labeling solution will be showcased again at the Salon Industriel de Terrebonne in Quebec, on October 18 & 19. This presents a golden opportunity for industry enthusiasts, decision-makers, and manufacturers to experience firsthand how this solution can vastly improve their ability to label precisely and effectively.

Unlocking the Potential: Improving Throughput and Bottom Lines

For manufacturers grappling with the challenges of labeling intricate products, the cobot-assisted solution by Link Pack’s team opens a gateway to unparalleled efficiency. Precise product manipulation and label positioning will eradicate bottlenecks in your production line; instead, they become streamlined processes contributing to enhanced throughput.


The positive impact on your bottom line is undeniable. As manufacturers, exploring the capabilities of this innovative labeling solution’s capabilities means investing in automation and the future competitiveness of their operations. The ability to handle more complex labeling tasks translates into increased flexibility, reduced downtime, and, ultimately, higher productivity.

Embracing the Future of Labeling

In conclusion, Link Pack’s cobot-assisted labeling solution represents a significant leap forward in automation and precision labeling. The amalgamation of decades of expertise, the visionary leadership of Pierre Dérival and Jean-François, and the cutting-edge capabilities of cobots converge to offer manufacturers a solution that goes beyond the limitations of traditional labeling systems.


The anticipation is palpable as we look forward to the upcoming exhibition at Salon Industriel de Terrebonne. This is not just an opportunity to witness a groundbreaking prototype; it’s a chance to be part of a transformative journey that redefines how we approach labeling in modern manufacturing. The cobot-assisted labeling solution is not just a technological innovation; it’s a statement – a testament to the power of collaboration between human ingenuity and advanced robotics. Link Pack invites you to join this journey, explore the possibilities, and embrace the future of precision labeling!

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