C25 Case Erector

Pearson Packaging Systems

Pearson Packaging System’s CE25 Case Erector‘s dual chain drive transports the case through closing and sealing operations ensuring consistently square cases and speeds of up to 25 cases per minute. The case erector’s infeed conveyor positions the knockdowns for accurate introduction to the machine, and its ergonomic height reduces operator fatigue.


The system has remote operator stations to enable control from both sides of the conveyor and dual-channel safety circuits, which maintain safety features in case of single component features.


With a vertical case presentation and compact footprint, the CE25 is ideal for small spaces.


End of Line / Case Erector / Boxes

    C25 Case Erector


    Compact Footprint

    Reliable Positioning for Picking

    Reliable Opening of Knockdowns

    Consistently Square Cases

    Reliable Closing and Sealing

    8 Min changeover (est. for trained technician)

    Non-Contact Interlocks

    High-Visibility Machine Status

    Safety Redundancy with CAT3

    Easily Accessible Grace Port

    Dual Access to the Machine


    Additional Tape Head

    Air Conditionner

    Extended Magazine

    Hand Pack Station

    High Capacity Adhesive Feeder

    Low Temperature Environment

    Oversized & Undersized Case Support

    Plant Level Ethernet Connection


    Dimensions: 10'-5 3/4`` L x 6'-8 3/4`` W x 5'-3 1/4`` H

    Min Case Size: 8`` L x 5.5`` W x 3`` H - extended case size range available

    Max Caisse Size: 24`` L x 16`` W x 18.5`` H - extended case size range available

    Sealing: Hot Melt or Cold Glue

    Pneumatic Operation

    Air: 80 PSI

    Air consumption between 1.038 & 0.691 SCF/Cycle

    Power: 460 VAC

    Disconnect sizes: 30 amps

    Supports CSSC, HSC, RSC & RSC with Integral Divider




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