Simplex Pouch Bagger
For 6″ to 12″ Pouch Width

PSG LEE / Leepack RT 108

The RT 108 Pouch Bagger is an eight station rotary filling and sealing bagger that can be used to fill various dry, powdered or solid products in stand-up pouches with various types of zippers, whether press-to-close or slider. It is perfect for bagging powder products such as spices, flour, sugar, whey proteins or even chemicals. Leepack is a market leader for pre-formed pouch baggers with hundreds of machines running across North America.


This specific model of pouch bagger is a simplex model with one pouch filled per cycle. It can be synchronized/integrated with multiple brands and styles of combination scales, or auger fillers. Many other systems can be integrated to the bagger, like cup filler, linear scales or customized robotic inserting device as well. Other features include motorized zipper width adjustment and a patented positive zipper opening device controlled by HMI.


This is the ideal premade pouch fill-seal bagger for co-packers. PSG LEE/Leepack Baggers features quick size changeovers averaging 15 minutes, which makes it the best-in-class for companies running various size of pouches.


Bagger / FS / Premade Pouches

    PSG LEE RT 108 Simplex Pouch Bagger

    Need to add a label to your pouches?

    Pre-Made Stand-Up Pouch Labeler


    High quality construction and long-lasting machine components

    Allen Bradley PLC

    Proface HMI (Allen Bradley optional)

    Central operation and visualization via touch screen

    Compliant to safety regulations e.g. CE, UL, CSA, OSHA

    Pouch control (no pouch - no filling)

    Pouch gripper adjustment from HMI

    Patented zipper opening device

    Traveling fingers to funnel

    Remote machine access

    Ready to integrate combination scale, auger filler, piston filler or customized feed system

    Ready to integrate Ink jet or TTO coder

    Recipe management from HMI


    Washdown construction and easy cleaning

    Duplex configuration

    Date Code Systems

    Vibratory plate for product settling

    Ultrasonic sealing

    Corner spout magazine

    Gas flush or dust collection

    Opposite side construction


    Pre-made Sealable laminated film

    Pouch width: 6'' to 12''

    220V, 3ph, 60Hz / 24VDC

    Pneumatic: 80 to 90 PSI / 35 scfm / 600NL/min. clean dry air


    Pouch size: Width 150-300 mm , Length 140 - 350 mm

    Speed: Up to 50 pouches per minute


    Dairy Products



    Pharmaceutical & Nutraceutical
    Pharma & Nutra

    nuts and dried-fruit
    Nuts & Dried Fruits

    confection and sweets
    Confection & Sweets

    Pet Food
    Pet Food