14-Head Yamato Scale Wash Down | Link Pack

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Yamato Omega Series
14-Head Combination Scale

Yamato Omega ADW-O-0314S Weigher Specifications


Model Weighing Range                 8-,1000 gr. (per single dump)

Maximum Weigher Speed            200 weighments per minute

Weigher Volume                              3,000 ml (at single dump) per single discharge

Maximum Product Dimensions  Cannot exceed 80 mm in length

Number of Heads                             Weigh Heads: 14

Chute Angles                                     60 degree Slope



Multi-head combination scales


IP-67 for wash down capabilities

Buckets are constructed of 1.5mm 304 stainless steel.

Buckets can easily be removed without tools for cleaning and maintenance

Patented Ultra Heavy Duty Load Cells

Built-in Staggered Dump Program to avoid product bridging


Flat Product Contact Surfaces

Platform or mezzanine

Bulk product elevator (Bucket or Z Cleated Conveyor)

Metal detector


Up to 200 weighments per minute

8-,1000 gr. (at single dump)

Weigher volume: 3,000 ml (at single dump) maximum volume per single discharge

Product Dimensions: Cannot exceed 80 mm in length

Weigh Heads: 14 - Memory Heads: N/A

Chute Angles: 60 degree Slope




fresh produce


meats & proteins

nuts & dried fruits

confection & sweets

pet food

solids in brine