Rotary Infeed &
Accumulation Tables

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We distribute heavy-duty rotary infeed & accumulation tables that are extremely convenient for collecting or distributing containers, cans or bottles at the beginning, middle or end of a packaging line.


The rotating infeed table automatically unloads containers onto a single row conveyor at the beginning of a packaging line. Placed at an intermediate point of a production line, it is useful for accumulating containers during machinery maintenance. Placed at the end of the line, the accumulation table allows the finished product to accumulate while avoiding backflow, which could slow down the packaging line.


Rotary infeed & accumulation tables improve packaging line processes by reducing time and increasing infeed and discharge rates to 60 cans/minute or more, while reducing labor costs. These rotary tables are available in 36″ or 48″ and can be integrated into many types of production lines.


Our infeed and accumulation tables are often combined with our Lid Applicator with Sorting Elevator or our Tamper Evident Labeler with Automatic Orientation System.


Accessories / Accumulation / Distribution

    Rotary Infeed & Accumulation Tables


    36`` or 48`` diameter stainless steel disc

    Mechanically welded structure of stainless steel 304

    Casters with locks

    Adjustable height from 28’’ to 36’’

    Variable speed

    5' long power cable

    Compliant to safety regulations e.g. UL, CSA, OSHA


    Available Sizes : 36`` or 48``

    Rotary Infeed Table

    Rotary Accumulation Table


    Electricity: 110V




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