Lidder with Sorting Elevator

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Our Lidder with Sorting Elevator is a piece of simple entry-level machinery that reliably sorts and places lids for tin, composite cans or other container types. Fill the hopper with bulk container tops, and the correctly positioned ones travel up the elevator and are blown down the lidder chute for application to canisters or containers. Once in place the lids are closed with by a roller press to securely seal the contents in the container or canister.  Finished items can be picked manually or head onto a rotary accumulation table. Designed to be user-friendly, efficient, and low maintenance, it also offers reliability. Our Lidder with Sorting Elevator is rated IP65 and perfect for food production environments and is ideal for improving line productivity and reducing labor costs.



Our Lidder with Top Sorting Elevator can be integrated to a variety of lines, and is often paired with our Tamper Evident Labeler With Container Orientation.


Looking for a lid placer and closer for larger pails and containers, please see this Lid Closing Machine


Rigid Containers / Lidding and Closing

    Lidder with Sorting Elevator


    Food Grade Stainless steel construction

    Stainless steel floor stand

    Motorized Indexing Conveyor

    Dedicated Cap Chutes (for diff. sized tops - up to 5``)

    Safety Guarding with Interlock

    Extended stainless-steel pressure rollers with closing head

    Quick height adjustment mechanism on the roller capper

    Controled by Allen Bradley PLC and HMI

    Compliant to safety regulations e.g. UL, CSA, OSHA


    Single Lane Discharge Conveyor

    Rotary Infeed Turntable

    Optical Reject System for Misapplied or Missing Caps

    Rotary Accumulation Table


    For any flat-topped containers

    Speed up to 30 - 40 per minute

    208V, 1ph, 60Hz

    Compressed Air: 80 PSI, 10 CFM

    Top Elevator Sorter Footprint (Approx.): 50`` L x 34`` W x 90`` H

    Complete Footprint (Approx.): 207`` L x 66`` W x 91`` H




    Pharma & Nutra

    nuts and dried-fruit
    Nuts & Dried Fruits

    confection and sweets
    Confection & Sweets

    Pet Food
    Pet Food

    Solids in Brine
    Solids in Brine