Weigh Filler / Linear Scale

ActionPac ME1095

The Me1095 Weigh Filler is a simple-to-operate, single lane machine offering cutting edge depositing for bulk dry, granular or powder type products like cereals and granola.


With its innovative design, the Me1095’s innovative “Top Down” dribble lane gate skims the top layer of the product during the dribble, increasing accuracy and improving flow control while sifting clumps.


The linear scale can be used as a semi-automated system where an operator will present the bag or container under the chute for filling, or as a fully automated system. The automation of the scale will require a conveyor and container indexing system for rigid containers or a bagger for flexible packaging operations. Both systems are available and integrated by Link Pack.


Accessories / Weigh Fillers


    High speed filling allows up to 8 - 12 cycles per minute

    High Weight Filler Accuracy from 1/100oz (1/10 grams)

    Hopper from 2 - 12 cubic feet

    Foot pedal included

    Product feed by vibrating pan

    Control pannel keypad


    Hoppper vibrator

    Food-grade wash down

    Weigh buckets from 1 - 5 lbs


    Heavy-duty stainless steel and thick wall tubing

    Range: 2 oz - 51lbs

    Electricity: 115 VAC, 3 amps, 60 hz

    Compressed air: 1 cfm @ 50psi

    Footprint, approx. W 22`` x L 26`` x D 28``



    nuts and dried-fruit
    Nuts & Dried Fruits