Filling and Sealing Line

CaVeCo Gamma

The Gamma Series are in-line tray sealers, able to work both in regular sealing and with SKIN or with MAP. They offer a complete range of dosing and depositing systems, snap-on machines and over two hundred options. Available with hydraulic movement, which guarantees a very high accuracy and synchronization of movement, or with classic pneumatic handling.


 The Gamma Series automatically dispense retail-type containers like cupstubstrays, or pails for the filling/packing/packaging of food products. These food packing/packaging machines can fill either liquid, dry, viscous, or sticky products. Built for retail type open mouth containers, their versatility allows you to fill many different shapes (round, square, oval) made of plastic, paperboard, aluminum, etc., on the same machine. 


When operating, the Gamma Series will move containers to the filling position, the sealing unit will be activated, then pass under the lid or over-cap depositor unit, and finally under the closing unit. Thanks to the electronic controls, the motors are able to move the containers without creating any spillage. Changeovers are quick and toolless.


CAVECO develops its machines according to client needs, production rates, dimensions, and packaging materials to provide complete lines that can reach 200 units per minute.


Cup, tub and tray filling line/machine


    User-friendly HMI

    Electronic filling unit with weight corrected electronic weigher

    Reliable pick and place unit for lids distribution

    quick toolless equipment changeover

    All metal parts in stainless steel => long lasting, fully washable


    1 or more denester head(s) for different lid formats

    1 or more denester(s) head(s) for different containers format

    A complete range of fillers


    Range: 250g to 2kg

    Maximum speed per minute, for dry products or for viscous products, up to 200 pieces.

    Electricity: 400 VAC, 60 Hz

    Compressed air: 7 Bar or 14.5 psi

    Gearmotor: AC motor with dedicated gearbox and inverter drive



    Viscous & Semi-Viscous

    Bretzel bakery


    Fresh Produce

    Meats and protein
    Meats & Proteins

    Confection & Sweets


    Pet Food

    Solids in brine
    Solids in Brine

    Solids in brine