Tray Erector

Boix Q-1530

Introducing the Q-1530 Tray Erector evolved from the original Q-1500 tray erecting machine. It’s Boix’s latest tray forming machine designed to meet the needs of customers seeking flexibility, durability, and functionality. With a 20% increase in productivity over the former model it assembles up to 1800 T.P.H Equipped with innovative kits which can be linked for remote access, this machine also allows for effortless transitions between box types, enhancing efficiency.


With six speed settings, including the option for half speeds, the Q-1530 empowers you to achieve your desired production rates with precision. From 400 to 1,800 boxes per hour, this machine adapts to your specific requirements.


Versatility is key with the Q-1530. Most mandrels and kits are interchangeable across our machine models, providing a functional advantage and cost savings. Experience seamless production transitions and maximize your output with Boix machinery.



End-of-Line / Tray Erector

    Boix Q-1530 Tray Erector
    Applicable Tray Models


    Simple and intuitive programming through a 7 “screen

    New operating modes (Mandrel dwell and / or chain stop)

    Better access (tank located on the side, extraction of the compressor, etc.)

    Forming area with automatic lighting for ajustments


    Remote access kit (Boix Connect)

    Selection of kits to adapt to different box designs


    From 400 to 1.800 boxes/hour (6 speeds)

    Manual size change with threaded rods and counters

    Electrical requirements: 220 V - 50/60 Hz (Other voltages by request)

    7 BAR (7 kg/cm2)

    L:3425 mm. A:1840 mm. H:2175 mm / 134.84 x 72.44 x 85.62 inches

    Footprint (excluding magazine) : (L x W) : 94`` x 46``



    Fresh Produce
    Fresh Produce


    nuts and dried-fruit
    Nuts & Dried Fruits

    confection and sweets
    Confection & Sweets