Denesting Rotary Labeler
for Plastic Containers

Gernep Cupblock

Denesting Rotary Labeler

Continuous labeling of single or multi-piece contoured cups results from Gernep’s years of study and perfecting this technology. Their innovative cup labeler uses pressure-sensitive labeling (from rolls of precut or continuous labels), which is at the heart of this high-performance cup labeler. It has the added functionality of an automatic denesting system that diminishes the time and money needed for stock keeping. 


Cup Stacking and Denesting Systems 

Manually feeding plastic cup stacks into the stack guides leads the containers to the clocked denesting station. The automatic cup stacker then provides the station with cup singling and transfers them to a belt. The processes combined in this compact and powerful unit allow the processing of nearly any cup shape.


Versatility and Flexibility in Cup Labelling

For optimal labeling, the Gernep Cupblock cup labeler uses a PLC-controlled

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    servo drive which feeds the label material allowing for maximum labeling accuracy. Labeling material options handles include paper and foil, transparent and metalized materials. Adjusting the parameters of the label dispenser via the touch panel and fine-tuning its robust torsion-resistant tripod produces precise and repeatable label positioning. It is also possible to select different clearance heights for the label and carrier.


    The Cupblock pressure-sensitive labeling system has a compact dispenser designed to improve label tape loading. It offers motorized winding and unwinding for increased machine throughput and long label formats, along with a non-stop function for two dispensers per label. A free-standing loop pre-roller or free-standing automatic splicer for uninterrupted continuous operation (optional).


    Herma Label Applicators

    Pressure-sensitive labels have been the most popular option for container labeling for years now, and Gernep relies on some of the most advanced label applicators to complete its pressure-sensitive rotary labeling equipment. Selected by Gernep for its ability to be integrated with a variety of configurations, The Herma 400 handles a wide array of reel and label sizes as well as labeling speed.


    Additional Equipment

    Additionally, equipping the Gernep Cupblock with container orientation and labeling controls is possible at the planning stage or retrofitting. A wide variety of labeling options allows quick response to changes in market trends, promotional labels, push win codes and competitions, variating barcodes, and even Leporellos. Visual enhancement utilizing high-quality labeling – with matt or glossy printing surfaces with gold or silver embossing, or transparent “no label looks,” anything is possible!


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Labelers / Rotary / Denesting


    High quality construction and long-lasting machine components

    B&R Automation PLC and HMI

    Herma servo label applicators

    Compliant to safety regulations e.g. UL, CSA, OSHA

    Servo-driven singling spindles

    Quick change format parts

    Stainless steel machine table

    Ready to integrate coding and inspection hardware


    Coder (ink jet, thermal transfer or laser)

    Vision inspection / Label presence

    Faulty label reject system

    Extended length conveyor

    Non-stop production by adding redundant label applicators

    Allen Bradley Control (depending on model)


    Single to multi-piece contoured cups

    Speed: up to 700 containers per minute

    208V, 1ph, 60Hz / 24VDC

    300mm (11.5'') diameter label rolls


    Dairy Products


    produits à tartiner
    Dips and Spreadables