Double-Sided Pouch Labeler
for Cannabis CR Pouches

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This Double-Sided Pouch Labeler is specifically adapted to run the most common sizes of cannabis pouches.  The labeler works with open-bottom or open-top pouches of varying dimensions with child resistant zippers.  This stand-alone labeling system for cannabis pouches is mainly used offline, before the bagging. It is perfect for applying pressure-sensitive labels to pouches destined to be filled with various products, including cannabis flowers, cannabis gummies, candies or other edible products.  


Our automated double-sided pouch labeler simultaneously apply labels the front and back of different styles of laminated pouches for cannabis. Whether you need

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    to decorate 4-sided seal pouches or gusseted bags, it can accommodate several sizes ranging between 3.5” to 10” wide with a maximum length of 12”. Grippers carry the bags from the magazine, running sideways to avoid shutting the child-proof zipper seal.  The pouches pass between the top and bottom servo-driven simultaneous application of pre-printed stickers. The grippers then deposit the empty labeled pouches on the outfeed conveyor, ready for filling. Depending on your production room layout, the labeled pouches can be accumulated in a bin, a turntable, or transferred to a conveyor that will bring the pouches to a Premade Pouch Fill/Seal Bagger for cannabis

    If your process involves blank labels or partially blank labels, it is possible to integrate any brands of Thermal Transfer Overprinters (TTO) on the label applicators to print variable information and barcodes on the labels.  Vision systems can also be integrated to inspect the printed information and label presence.

    The Allen Bradley user-friendly PLC stores multiple recipes for each label and pouch dimension to achieve flawless repeat applications and minimized downtimes. Our Pouch labeling system comes equipped with interlock safety guards for heightened operator security. Optional accumulation tables or conveyors are also available upon request.

    This pouch labeler and other labelers are available at Link Pack.


Labelers / Flexible Pouches

    Double-Sided Pouch Labeler


    Two (2) Herma H500 Servo label applicators

    Stainless steel closed frame design on height adjustable leveling feet

    NEMA4X Stainless Steel Electrical Enclosure

    Adjustable parts with graduated micrometric references or scales

    No-tool adjustments for pouch width and length

    Photocells to detect pouch jams and stop machine

    Complete list of change parts with part numbers

    Controlled by Allen Bradley PLC and HMI

    CSA Inspected and tagged for electrical compliance (recognized by UL)

    Meeting CSA Z432-16 Safeguarding of machines


    High autonomy pouch feeder

    Accumulation Table, indexing accumulation conveyor or fix bin.

    Integration of Thermal Transfer Overprinters, Ink Jet Coders or Thermal Ink Jet Coders

    Vision system for label inspection


    Heavy-duty stainless steel

    Working height: 40’’ +/- 2’’

    Maximum label dispensing speed: 2000’’ (50 Meters) per minute

    Electrical: 208V

    Compressed air: 80 PSI @ 8 SCFM

    Footprint, approx. W 22`` x L 26`` x D 28``


    Cannabis products
    Cannabis Flowers & Gummies

    confection and sweets
    Confectionery & Sweets