Soluta 5-640 2SK

Gernep – Used Pressure-Sensitive Labeler


The Gernep Soluta Currently in stock at our facilities in Terrebonne, Qc. It is a used machine & is ready to be reconditioned according to your needs. The labeler is currently set up with two (2) Herma 400 Pressure-sensitive label applicators and five (5) bottle plate positions on the carrousel. Previously used to apply tamper evident and wrap labels to glass jars, it was running at speeds of 80-90 jars per minute.


It comes with a complete/autonomous conveyor, automatic greaser, trolley for format parts and VPN for remote access.

  • Container and label format parts for the 75mm dia. x 110mm high jar
  • Container and label format parts for the 83mm dia. x 150mm high jar

This system can be adapted to suit specific labeling needs and can be outfitted with optional equipment such as additional label applicators, an inkjet printer to apply dates & barcodes, vision detection for missing or defective labels and more.


Labelers / Rotary / Used


    Tubular steel frame and stainless-steel lateral panels

    High-precision servo-driven label applicator

    Touch screen & PLC for easy parameter recall

    Stainless steel electrical box

    Siemensd PLC with 7`` adjustable position color touch screen

    Label detector for clear or opaque labels

    Label roll detector for end-of-roll notification

    Compliant to safety regulations e.g. CE, UL, OSHA


    Spare Parts Kit

    Extended Conveyors

    Additional Label Head

    Label Presence Sensor

    Reject System


    < 80dB (measured from 1 meter distance of the machine, without products)

    400VAC, 24 VDC

    Core diameter - label roll: 76mm

    Outer diameter - label roll max: 400 mm


    Dairy Products


    Cannabis products
    Cannabis products

    Solids in Brine
    Solids in Brine


    nuts and dried-fruit
    Nuts & Dried Fruit

    confection and sweets
    Confection & Sweets

    Seafood & Shellfish
    Shrimp & Shellfish

    Pet Food
    Pet Food