Duplex Pouch Bagger

PSG Lee RD 314

As a leading market player in pre-formed pouch baggers, Leepack presents the RD-314, a game-changing solution for filling and sealing various dry and solid products in pre-made stand-up pouches. This model sets itself apart with its high flexibility – accommodating different pouch sizes, making it a top choice for the food and snacks industry.


With its duplex design, the RD-314 completes two pouches per cycle and up to 100 ppm., ensuring efficient production rates. This versatile bagger seamlessly integrates with any brand or style of combination scales, allowing for precise filling of powders like spices, flour, sugar, whey proteins, and even chemicals.


The RD-314 also offers compatibility with different types of zippers, including press-to-close or sliders. The motorized zipper width adjustment, controlled from the HMI (Human-Machine Interface), provides hassle-free operation, while our patented positive zipper opening device ensures a secure and reliable seal.


An ideal systems for co-packers or manufacturers running a wide range of pouch sizes, the RD-314 excels with 15-minute size changeovers. This exceptional feature enables maximum productivity and efficiency, minimizing downtime and enhancing overall performance.


Bagger / FS / Premade Pouches

    PSG Lee RD 314


    High quality construction and long-lasting machine components

    Allen Bradley PLC

    Proface HMI (Allen Bradley optional)

    Central operation and visualization via touch screen

    Compliant to safety regulations e.g. CE, UL, CSA, OSHA

    Pouch control (no pouch - no filling)

    Pouch gripper adjustment from HMI

    Patented zipper opening device

    Ready to integrate combination scale, auger filler, piston filler or customized

    Ready to integrate combination scale, auger filler, piston filler or customized feed system

    Ready to integrate Ink jet or TTO coder

    Recipe management from HMI


    Diving Lamipurge Gas Flush System

    Long type pouch magazine

    Inkjet, thermal or laser printer

    Bottom gusset opening device

    Separated control box

    One lane merging conveyor


    Pre-made Sealable laminated film

    Pouch width: 3.9'' to 10.6''

    220V, 3ph, 60Hz / 24VDC

    Pneumatic: 80 to 90 PSI / 35 scfm / 600NL/min. clean dry air


    Viscous & Semi-Viscous
    Viscous & Semi-Viscous

    Dairy Products


    Fresh Produce
    Fresh Produce

    Meats and protein
    Meats & Proteins

    nuts and dried-fruit
    Nuts & Dried Fruits

    confection and sweets
    Confection & Sweets

    Liquids with Chunks
    Liquids with Chunks

    Pet Food
    Pet Food

    Solids in Brine
    Solids in Brine

    Cannabis products
    Cannabis Products