Tax Stamp Labeler for Cannabis Beverages

with camera-assisted orientation

Link Pack

Designed specifically for the burgeoning cannabis industry, Link Pack’s Tax Stamp Labeler for Cannabis Beverages with camera-assisted orientation is the ultimate solution for applying cannabis excise stamps with unparalleled precision and reliability. This automatic labeler is expertly crafted to handle filled aluminum cans, even with childproof rings. Enure you meet industry compliance and the highest level of safety for your consumers.


A camera system uses a specific mark on the child-proof rings as a reference point to guarantee accurate and repeatable positioning. The labeler’s motorized prism aligner, consists of a first position motorized roller and two retractable rollers which work seamlessly to separate and orient the cans. Once precisely oriented, the aluminum cans are gently transported using motorized side belts. This process minimizes the risk of scuffing or damaging your body labels or graphics for a pristine final product.


Whether manually fed or integrated with an infeed turntable, this machine

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    seamlessly fits into your existing setup. The secondary conveyor enhances the process by transporting empty cases from the infeed station to the packing station, further optimizing your workflow.

    *Speeds may vary depending on container sizes


Labelers / Pressure-Sensitive / Excise Stamps

    Image of Link Pack's Tax Stamp Labeler for Cannabis Beverages


    Speed up to 30 per minute

    Electricals: 208V - 15A - 1Ph

    Pneumatics: 80 PSI @ 8 SCFM

    Maximum label roll diameter: 300mm (11.5'')

    Label Core Diameter: 80mm (3'')

    Compact footprint: 92`` (L) x 32`` (W) x 90`` (H)


    Heavy-duty tubular stainless steel construction

    Adjustable Leveling Feet

    Motorized Tabletop Conveyors

    Centrally adjusted guide rails for product alignment

    Pneumatic Pivot Beak (for label application)

    Controled by Allen Bradley PLC and HMI

    Herma servo label head

    Compliant to safety regulations e.g. UL, CSA, OSHA

    NEMA 4X Stainless Steel Control Box (with lockable main power switch)


    Low Label Web Sensor

    Critical Care Parts

    Conveyor Extensions


    Cannabis products
    Cannabis Products

    Pharma & Nutra

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