Induction Cap Sealer


Enercon’s Induction Cap Sealers produce superior induction seals that prevent bottle leakage and preserve product freshness. Enercon offers reliability, performance and innovative sealing features for various container cap types and closures used in the Food & Beverage, Cannabis, Chemicals, Cosmetics, Pharmaceuticals industries. Each induction sealing machine in the Super Seal family is designed for rugged and reliable field performance.


The induction sealing process converts energy from electrical to magnetic to thermal energy. The power used by the induction sealer is converted to a high-frequency regulated AC, while the sealing head converts the electrical energy into a magnetic field. Creating a perfectly airtight seal between the liner and the lip of the container is the direct result of the foil being exposed to the magnetic field and circulating currents of electrical energy, which heat the foil and melt the

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    polymer layer on the discs inside the container caps. Because the distance from which the magnetic field can propagate through the air is limited, and to obtain maximum seal strength, the container tops should not be further than 1/8” to 1/4” from the sealing head. We recommend opting for tunnel or channel sealers for spouted or CRC containers.


    The containers exiting the sealing process may seem looser than it was. This is a result of the polymer & wax melting to perform the seal, leaving a minute space that causes the container to seem “loose” or “unsafe.” To rectify this probable perception, manufacturers will often install a retorque system. To ensure the seal remains intact, we recommend any such installation be made further down the line.


Induction / Sealers / Caps

    Scelleuse de capsules par induction


    New display simplifies setup, operation & troubleshooting

    Advanced microprocessor control & IGBT circuitry

    High efficiency plug-in sealing heads

    Options for stalled containers, container back up & foil detection

    Local/Remote modes for start/stop & power level

    IP55 rated for washdown


    Range of induction sealing heads

    Stalled container sensors

    Backup container detection

    Foil detection

    Ejector for missing foil

    Stack Light for operating status

    Spare Part Kit

    Mobile Cart


    Dimensions: 11 11/16`` x 18 11/32`` x 16 1/2``

    Weight: 42 lbs.

    240V, 50/60Hz, 1 Phase




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    Cannabis products

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