Weighing and Bagging Machine
with Automatic Format Change

Concetti IGF Series I-Flex

The Concetti I-Flex weighing and bagging machine with automatic format change delivers unmatched versatility, simplicity, and compactness for open-mouth filling and sealing, setting a new benchmark for production line flexibility. As part of the renowned IGF series, the I-Flex seamlessly adapts to a range of bag types and closures, efficiently handling paper, raffia, and plastic, whether flat or gusseted, in open-mouth bags from 250 to 600 mm—all within a single system.

Its fully automated format changes make it easy to manage various packaging needs, while the compact and functional design meets global production challenges such as handling loose, free-flowing materials, frequent packaging changes, and limited space. Accessibility and ease of use are central to this machine, providing an ideal solution for producers seeking versatile, reliable, and efficient bagging.

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    Airtight Bag Closure

    The I-Flex offers the possibility of using sewn or “pinch-top” airtight bag closures, eliminating contamination risks. Bags are beautifully compact and perfect for stabilized palletizing. The Concetti Group offers many bagging solutions for semi-free flowing materials and animal feed. With close attention to bag stability and airtight closures to avoid any leakage which could cause contamination.


    Other Open-Mouth Automatic Bagging Machines

    IGF 600 Open-mouth baggers (a speed of up to 600 bags per hour)

    IGF 900 Open-mouth baggers (a speed of up to 900 bags per hour)

    IGF 1000 Open-mouth baggers (a speed of up to 1000 bags per hour)


Bagging / Weighing & Bagging Machine


    High quality construction and long-lasting machine components

    Stainless steel contact parts

    Allen Bradley or Siemens PLC

    Central operation and visualization via touch screen

    Recipe management from HMI

    Bag type: Pre-made open-mouth bags

    Automatic bag holder with selectable opening

    Compliant to safety regulations e.g. CE, UL, CSA, OSHA

    Bag control (no bag - no filling)

    Electrical: 380V, 50Hz

    Air consumption: 140 Nl/cycle


    Advanced diagnostic

    Bag Coding

    Bag Specifications

    Bag weight: 5 - 50 kg

    Production up to 600b/h

    Shape of bags: Flat or gusseted pre-made open-mouth bags

    Flat and gusseted bag dimensions: Width: from 250 to 600 m, depending on type of bag-holder user Length: from 480 to 1050 mm (gussets from 35 to 80 mm)

    Bag materials: Paper, Coated Paper, Woven PP, Coated Woven PP, Plastic


    Pet Food
    Pet Food

    Animal Feed
    Animal Feed


    Wood Pellets