Turnkey Bagging & Palletizing Lines for Animal Feed

6 things you need to expect when you purchase your next animal feed bagging machinery


This case study focus on a recent project for the supply of an AUTOMATIC WEIGHING, FILLING, CLOSING AND PALLETISING installation, designed for the handling of Animal feed consisting of wheat, corn, barley and other whole grain.

This customer is bagging products into 25Kg open mouth bags of various dimensions and material, and they want to keep the door open to run different size bags in the future. For free-flowing products, they want to achieve a minimum speed of 550 bags per hour, and for more challenging products, they will run at 480 bph.

Therefore, versatility and quick changeovers were the top criteria during the selection process for this new open-mouth bagger and robotic palletizer.

6 things you need to expect when you purchase your next machinery

Weigher for animal feed applications

Bag Closure by sewing or sealing

Automatic Bag Size Changeovers

Inspection and quality control

Bag handling and palletizing


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    Depending on your bag material, your need can change.

    The various bag materials used by the animal feed industry can consist of multiwall paper, woven polypropylene and laminated woven polypropylene. In terms of bag closure, traditional sewing system and similar IGF Baggers with two bag closing systems can be automatically enabled or disabled from the HMI. In this white paper, we will tell you about different factors to take into consideration, such as the type of bags, static, the material structure, the bag size tolerance, the work environment and so on.

    Jean-François Biron

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