Automatic Tray Sealing Machine for MAP or SKIN

CaVeCo Ypsilon

The YPSILON is an automatic plastic tray sealing machine designed for working in harsh food industry environments. Automatic thermosealing suitable for food products packaged in preformed trays with compatible thermosealable film, in a protective atmosphere (MAP). Suitable for a large range of food products including meat, fish, fresh or frozen ready meals, dairy and cheese, fresh pasta and more.


Versatility and Efficiency

1) Sealing: Works with plastic, aluminum or coupled cardboard trays.
2) Vacuum OR Vacuum + Gas: Works with plastic or barrier polystyrene trays.
3) SKIN system: Creates a skin effect* with the film perfectly conforming to product shape.
* specific film is required for this application


In addition to tray sealing machines for MAP, SKIN or standard heat sealing, CaVeCo offers a complete range of machines for ready meals such as lasagne, cannelloni, focaccia and pizza.


Rigid Containers / Tray Sealing Machines / MAP or SKIN Pack

    Tray Sealing Machine


    Sealing: up to 16 cycles per minute

    Sealing or Vacuum + gas flush (MAP) or Vacuum (SKIN): 4 - 12 cycles per minute

    PLC controlled

    Adjustments from HMI


    Coder / Date Printer

    Set of 4 heavy duty corrosion resistant casters


    Max tray size: 390 x 310 mm

    Max film width: 430mm

    Max film roll diameter: 280mm

    Film roll core diameter : 75mm (3``)

    Max tray height with vacuum: 100mm

    Max tray height without vacuum: 110mm

    Power consumption 8 kW with vacuum

    Air consumption 7 bar 700/800 litres/minute

    Standard overall dimensions: 860 x 2680 x 1950 mm


    Fresh Produce
    Fresh Produce

    Meats and protein
    Meats & Protein

    Seafood & Shellfish
    Seafood & Shellfish

    nuts and dried-fruit
    Nuts & Dried Fruits

    Pet Food
    Pet Food

    Solids in Brine
    Solids in Brine