Weighing and Bagging Machine
with Automatic Format Change

Concetti I-Flex

The Concetti I-Flex weighing and bagging machine with automatic format change features infinite versatility, simplicity, and compactness for open-mouth filling and sealing. It is setting a new standard of flexibility for production lines. 


Part of the well-known IGF series, the I-Flex bagger and weigher with fully automated format changes offers the possibility of managing various types of bags and closures. It easily handles paper, raffia, and plastic, flat or gusseted open-mouth bags, ranging from 250 to 600 mm – all in one system. The main features included in this line are accessibility and ease of use which are attractive to potential buyers. However, it is the compact and functional design that answers the most prominent challenges producers face globally: handling loose, free-flowing materials, dealing with frequent packaging changes, and limited space.


Airtight Bag Closure

The I-Flex offers the possibility of using sewn or “pinch-top” airtight bag closures, eliminating contamination risks. Bags are beautifully compact and perfect for stabilized palletizing. The Concetti Group offers many bagging solutions for semi-free flowing materials and animal feed. With close attention to bag stability and airtight closures to avoid any leakage which could cause contamination.


Other Open-Mouth Automatic Bagging Machines

IGF 600 Open-mouth baggers (a speed of up to 600 bags per hour)

IGF 900 Open-mouth baggers (a speed of up to 900 bags per hour)

IGF 1000 Open-mouth baggers (a speed of up to 1000 bags per hour)


Bagging / Weighing & Bagging Machine

    I-Flex Technical Specification


    High quality construction and long-lasting machine components

    Stainless steel contact parts

    Allen Bradley or Siemens PLC

    Central operation and visualization via touch screen

    Recipe management from HMI

    Bag type: Pre-made open-mouth bags

    Automatic bag holder with selectable opening

    Compliant to safety regulations e.g. CE, UL, CSA, OSHA

    Bag control (no bag - no filling)

    Electrical: 380V, 50Hz

    Air consumption: 140 Nl/cycle


    Advanced diagnostic

    Bag Coding

    Bag Specifications

    Bag weight: 5 - 50 kg

    Production up to 600b/h

    Shape of bags: Flat or gusseted pre-made open-mouth bags

    Flat and gusseted bag dimensions: Width: from 250 to 600 m, depending on type of bag-holder user Length: from 480 to 1050 mm (gussets from 35 to 80 mm)

    Bag materials: Paper, Coated Paper, Woven PP, Coated Woven PP, Plastic


    Pet Food
    Pet Food

    Animal Feed
    Animal Feed


    Wood Pellets