Cobots, Our Compelling Manufacturing Allies


Cobots, Our Compelling Manufacturing Allies

Discover Cobots

Cobots or Collaborative Robots are designed to work in common spaces, in close range with humans on a production line. Comparatively to industrial robots that are big, fast-moving, strong, and require larger safety zones, cobots are perfectly adapted to smaller automated tasks and function safely next to humans due to their built-in safety features. They offer a cost-effective solution to many problems facing medium-sized businesses and offer a great return on investment.

Transforming Manufacturing and Packaging

Market adoption for cobots differs on one industry to another but the packaging industry has seen a rise in the employment of collaborative robots over the past few years. Manufacturers are assessing their processes and introducing collaborative robots to inject more flexibility to their operations. The adoption of collaborative robots is on the rise due in part to skilled labor shortage, but could be greater still if awareness regarding their benefits were more widely known. Food packaging, craft brewing, and consumer goods are among some of the industries that use cobots for many applications including end of line tasks. Additionally, to optimizing tasks, cobot technology improves overall ergonomics and working conditions.

Get an Edge on Packaging

In an attempt to thwart the effects of labor shortages, overcome the challenges of rising order volumes and delivery expectations, companies are increasingly employing cost-saving alternatives to maximize productivity. Believe it or not, cobots are designed to work alongside humans – not to replace them!  Making their human counterparts more efficient, effective, and safe. Cobots are designed for easy configuration and integration to production lines and can be reconfigured and repurposed for new tasks with minimal effort! A great competitive advantage for medium-sized businesses hoping to compete with larger manufacturers – and boost their bottom line!

A Surefire Investment

With so many cobots on the market price will vary depending on the complexity of what you want to achieve will affect the price accordingly. However, with demand for the technology rising prices are coming down, making it more enticing to invest in the technology. Investing in a cobot will produce labor savings and a positive cash flow over time, you could potentially earn back the investment in as little as a year. Identify your objectives and calculate your ROI to see how investing in a cobot could affect your bottom line.

Jean-François Biron

Sales and marketing background in the automation and packaging equipment industries. Strong interest in technologies, new packaging development, sustainability and marketing strategies.