Hygienic VFFS Bagger

Matrix Elete Premier

The Matrix Elete Premier Hygienic VFFS Bagger offers a sanitary design with options for a hygienic approach to packaging. Made of 95% stainless steel fasteners, shafts, motors, and a weld drip pan for an entirely washdown machine that is designed to withstand high sanitation environments.


This VFFS attains cycle speeds of up to 130 BPM, effectively producing multiple bag types and sizes made from laminate or poly films.


Bagger / VFFS / Pillow Pack

    Elete Premier VFFS Bager
    Elete Premier VFFS Bagger


    Open channel frame

    95% stainless steel; including backstand, doors, back seal, load shelf

    Stainless steel frame guarding and adjustable mounting feet

    Sloped NEMA 4X electrical enclosure

    Allen Bradley PLC with 10`` adjustable position color touch screen

    Danaher Microstepping Motors for film pull and jaw motion control (servo option for jaw) IP67

    Automatic web edge guide film tracking system, registration film sensor and print registration roller Unwind film spindle and film tension adjustment

    Compliant to safety regulations e.g. CE, UL, CSA, OSHA

    Tool free film roll and forming tube change over with short travel angled incline unwind

    Compatible with any filler


    Mechanical or heated hole punch

    Flat bottom bag and gusset/tucker attachment

    Printer, labeler, valve applicators

    Gas flush

    Load shelf (for heavier bags)

    UL electrical system

    Servo upgrade

    Vacuum belts

    Product stager


    Pillow, gusseted or flat bottom bags

    Laminate or poly film sealing capacity

    Film Roll Diameter: 14`` (DS13) & 18`` (DS18)

    Min bag size: L 3``(280mm) x W 3``(51mm)

    Max Bag Size DS13: L 15``(381 mm) x W 13``(330 mm)

    Max Bag Size DS18: L 23``(584 mm) x W 18``(457 mm)

    Cycle speed: up to 130 bags/min

    208-240VAC, 30 amp, 1 ph, 50/60 Hz

    80 psi, 3-10 CFM 9 (demand varies by application)


    Dairy Products


    Solids in Brine
    Solids in Brine


    nuts and dried-fruit
    Nuts & Dried Fruit

    confection and sweets
    Confection & Sweets

    Seafood & Shellfish
    Shrimp & Shellfish

    Pet Food
    Pet Food