automated bagging system

Forage and turf seed processor invest in Concetti automated bagging and palletizing system

Concetti supplies packing line to seed supplier


Germinal GB is a leading supplier of forage and amenity seeds to the wholesale agricultural trade and the amenity sector in the UK.  Germinal is a seventh-generation family owned and operated business, originally formed  in 1825.


The new Concetti line is intended to produce weighments of between 5Kg and 25Kg into open mouth flat plastified bags of various sizes at a minimum rate of 500 bags per hour. Plastified bags are laminated paper with an internal PP coating. These are then closed by plain sewing.  The Concetti line begins with a small product feed hopper and net weigher for precision dosing of the weighments. An agitator in the feed hopper ensures consistent product flow and a gravity feed gate with brushless motor drive gives precise, programmable control over the gate aperture size for accurate feeding across the entire weight range, handling a wide variety of bulk densities from 0.25 to 0.45 Kg/L.


Filling is carried out by a Concetti IGF600, a fully enclosed system fitted with a three-stack empty bag magazine that can be replenished without stopping the line.


The applicator separates labels from a continuous fan fold stack, which are then fed automatically and securely sewn into the closure.  After closing, the bags are turned, laid flat and conveyed to the palletiser label uppermost, passing over a detector on the way to make sure each bag is properly closed. Adjustments to bag length and width in the IGF are made automatically by servomotors under control of the PLC.


“All this is achieved in less than 90 seconds with no spanner adjustments involved, eliminating the risk of operator set up errors and allowing quick changeovers between programmes,” said Concetti.



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