Aranow Packaging Machinery is specialized in individual servings or single-dose packaging for granular, small pieces, powder, or liquid food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, or dairy products.


They exclusively design and construct high-efficiency multilane stick pack & flat-pack sachet packaging machinery that yields more sustainable packaging. Aranow is proud of its uncompromising commitment to reducing energy expenditure throughout its manufacturing processes.


Dedicated to sustainability and building a better future, Aranow Machinery Group was founded during the pandemic to generate value, create wealth, put people first and fight against climate change by reducing waste.


Aranow Packaging Machinery and Altero Recycling Solutions are located at two critical points in the value chain, representing the industries that manufacture plastic containers and the sector that must ensure efficient container recycling.

aranow sachet and bagging equipment

Aranow Packaging Machinery

Single-Dose Packaging

Single-dose packaging, also known as single-unit packaging, is more popular than ever and increasing every day. It is a popular commodity many industries use due to the demand for easy-to-carry unit sizes.


There are multiple advantages to a single premeasured quantity of any substance, taking out human error for pharmaceuticals, providing safer, cleaner cosmetics in the beauty industry, or assisting with portion-control and portability in the food industry.

Stick Pack Machinery

Stick Pack Machinery generally produces elongated tubular packaging that is increasingly popular due to its portability, ease of use, preciseness of dosing, and the production lines’ profitability.


Aranow develops high-quality stick-pack machinery for different industries and specializes in dosing systems for liquid, powder, or granulated products in a range of creative finishes, offering an excellent stick pack result.

Flat Sachet Packaging

The Flat Sachet, also known as a Flat Four sided Seal Sachet offers unique personalization possibilities in terms of materials, finishes, and shapes. They work optimally with granulated, liquid, powder, or viscous products.

Due to its more flexible design, it is a format that is exceptionally well-suited to samples, product promotions, and mailings.

Flat Sachet Machinery

Flat Sachet Machinery is designed to cover the needs of multiple industries. Adaptable to any number of sectors and types of products, it offers unlimited opportunities.

Aranow flat sachet machines have a compact, functional design and long durability components and access to main features without tools – which help reduce downtime. Adjustable to your production, so you do not waste anything.

Secondary Packaging Line

Selecting adequate secondary packaging is essential to make your product stand out at the point of sale. Whether it be a box, bag, or flow pack, there are many options to help streaming production and distribution.

The main features include unit count, positioning inside the secondary packaging, and shelf-ready options.


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Aranow Machinery

AN300 Stick Pack Machine for small productions

AN1000 stickpack machine – Up to 780spm

AN650 stickpack multilane machine for free flowing and granulate product