Open-Mouth Container and Pail Closing Machine

Ideal Pak CR-1-2675

Semi-automated closing machines are simple and efficient for securing tops to small containers like cups, tubs and and pails in a wide range of sizes and lid types ranging from 1/2 pint to gallon. This semi-automatic system has a motorized conveyor to propel the containers under the pressure roller closers for a perfect seal. The CR-1-2675 Lid Closing Machine is highly adaptable, whether your container is think HDPE plastic or thick PET Clamshell and it is easy to incorporate to a variety of existing processing lines.


For pint to 6-gallon containers see the Ideal Pak CA-CEM and to double your efficiency add a lid placing unit to your lid closer as well!


Tub Bucket and Cup Lidder

    Lid Closing Machine


    Adjustable conveyor speed

    Thrust bearings on elevator screws

    5′ Powered Conveyor

    7-1/2″ Table Top Chain

    Two Way Locking Caster Wheels

    Hand Crank Adjustable Closer

    Zinc plated mild steel


    Explosion proof motor

    Lid Placers

    Extension table for filling

    Gravity roller conveyors for accumulating


    Range: 8 oz to 8 lbs

    5`` heavy duty castor rollers

    7-1/2” Table Top chain

    Electricity: 115 VAC, 5 amps, 60 Hz

    Compressed air: 1 cfm@ 80 psi