Combination Detection Systems

The Thermo Scientific™ Versa Combination Systems are designed to provide a wide range of weighing and metal contaminant detection solutions. They feature a reduced total footprint compared to separate checkweighers and metal detectors and combine important functions like program changes, alarms and rejection statistics in the checkweigher software.


For the highest level of food safety and integration, the Thermo Scientific™ Sentinel™ metal detector with Multiscan technology can be mounted either on the weighframe or on an external infeed conveyor. A modular, flexible design allows users to select a Thermo Scientific™ Sentinel 3000 or 5000 metal detector to be paired with a Thermo Scientific™ VersaWeigh™ or Thermo Scientific™ Versa GP checkweigher.


Product Inspection

Checkweigher Metal Detector Combination Units


Several metal detector model options to optimize system size, sensitivity and price

Wide range of checkweigher belt widths and lengths to fit your production line

Dual rejecters separating foreign objects from over/ under weights to facilitate root cause problem determination and action

Sentinel metal detector interface can be displayed on the Versa touchscreen making combined set-up and operation easier and faster


Optional stainless-steel rollers and load cells

Metal Free Zone 1.5-2X smallest aperture dimension, can be reduced with optional flanges

Multi Lane, Tare Gross, Multi product

Marking & verification (track and trace)


Detector Scan Rate Up to 2800 lines/second

Belt Speed Range 10m/min to 64m/min (33ft/min to 210ft/min)

Maximum conveyable product weight 80 lbs (36 kg)

Radiation Safety Conformance FDA CFR 21 part 1020.40 (contact factory for other regional certifications)

Export/Safety CE, UL or CSA 508A on request (verified by ETL)


viscous & semi-viscous



Pharma & Nutra

nuts & dried fruits

confection & sweets

with chuncks

pet food