Packaging Automation

Helping you achieve your full potential in packaging automation

Link Pack is a group of packaging automation experts working closely with a reliable network of original equipment manufacturers to take your business to the next level. We will assist in finding the best manufacturers to provide existing or customized machinery for your unique automation challenge.

Our Goals

Facilitate establishing needs.

Determine the best-qualified manufacturers.

Provide efficient project management.

For End-Users

The idea of helping end-users find the right packaging machinery is part of our DNA. Even before social selling and social media were coined, our founders already understood the value of sharing information to build a loyal audience. This mindset had led to the creation of a company that thrives on helping end-users find the right packaging equipment.


Our vision is to become a strategic partner for your company by offering value-added services at a fraction of the cost. Expenses are shared by creating synergies with other non-competing OEMs. Our primary objective is to directly impact sales growth, not make recommendations and move on to the next customer. We are committed to becoming an extension of your company by working with you for the long term.

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