Our vision is to become a strategic partner for your company by offering value-added services at a fraction of the cost by creating synergies with other non-competing OEMs to share these costs.

Make no mistake, our objective is to have a direct impact to increase your sales, not to make recommendations and move on to the next customer.  We want to work with you for the long term and become an extension of your company.

Our group focuses exclusively on the packaging automation industry and offers services in the field of marketing, business development, technical services and engineering.

Critical mass of business is necessary to justify many decisions and we want to help you move forward by sharing talent, sharing space, sub-contracting and joining forces.  Today’s competitive landscape demands a high level of competence and flexibility to constantly adapt to new technologies and be ready to seize new opportunities that arise.

We understand the packaging machinery business and we believe we can help in many areas:

Representation & business development

Your company has designed machinery that works very well for specific applications and we would like to help you reach new customers and accelerate your growth in key markets. Business development and marketing can also prove to be challenging.  There are huge opportunities to expand into new markets or to maximize the potential of some product lines in the portfolio, but nobody is committed to make it happen or insufficient resources are allocated to it.

When it comes to sales/distribution channels, packaging machinery manufacturers typically consider hiring direct sales representatives or to find agents or distributors for given areas.  If the territory has to be developed from nothing, hiring a full-time rep on salary may hard to justify and agents won’t do the legwork to get you the exposure and first few sales because they are busy selling their good lines, so many times you end up with a frustrating lack of result.

Our solution to that problem is time-shared representation.  Senior sales executives will open doors for you and give you access to qualified customers and assist you in getting sales.  Compensation packages are negotiated case-by-case depending of on the involvement, type of industry and type of equipment.  The average ‘’shared-rep’’ will work with three OEM Partners, so you can expect to work with a pro and get results for one-third of the usual investment.  Contact us for more information.

Sales offices in new geographic areas

When entering a new geographic market, you need to be flexible and keep overheads low in order to succeed.  You also want to be taken seriously by prospects, so we have shared office solutions that provides all the basics to start and the flexibility to let you expand when ready.

Why a shared office?

  • More affordable than opening your own office
  • Receptionist, shipping and receiving
  • Flexible space based on your needs
  • Short-term or long-term

Strategic partnerships

Link Pack provides a new business model for the packaging machinery industry.  Our network is made of salaried employees, freelance workers, independent manufacturers’ representatives, contractors and of course our numerous OEM Partners.  Members of our network can share information and resources to be more efficient and achieve their goals with more flexibility at a better price.

Members of our network can share underutilized assets and monetize spare capacity to improve business outcomes.  On average, today’s manufacturing facilities operate at 20% below capacity. Half of all desks in the average office go unused. A quarter of all trucks traveling in the US are empty. All of these are instances where sharing platforms could move companies much closer to maximum efficiency.

Trade show organization

Trade shows still represent one of the major marketing investment for packaging machinery companies.  Planning ahead of time remains the best advice for any OEM willing to attend a trade show.  Which machine to bring for the show audience, when it should be ready, what kind of display will be needed, who should set-up the booth and tear it down etc.  Nobody likes to do it, but it needs to be done.  Some of our staff have attended numerous packaging machinery shows and we can assist with that.

Marketing strategies

Packaging machinery manufacturers have traditionally relied heavily on trade shows, magazines and newsletters as their sole marketing efforts.  While we see more and more B2B businesses using tactics like sponsored keywords, re-marketing and LinkedIn to promote their products online, we believe many businesses are lacking a proper inbound marketing strategy.  Manufacturers are realising that the best way to sell their products is to forge personal relations with customers rather than to spend large sums on broad-brush marketing.

Following a thorough analysis of your objectives, current situation and budgets, we will propose a complete strategic marketing plan and assist your staff to implement it.  At the heart of this strategy, inbound marketing and quality content creation and publishing will be discussed.

SEO and web design

Most packaging machinery executives recognize the importance of having a solid web marketing strategy today, but how many really have a skilled person in charge of it?   Whether you are considering improving your brand awareness or generating more leads in a given market, we have solutions that fit most budgets and deliver results.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is not a one-time fix, it is an ongoing process to test and improve the most efficient keywords that will get you inquiries for your packaging machinery.  Link Pack is offering a unique combination of SEO and packaging knowledge; in other words, we don’t need to learn about your business before we get to work on SEO.

Social media strategies

If you are in the packaging machinery business and think LinkedIn, Twitter and SlideShare are useless for your business, you definitely need us.  Not only are they important, but when used properly, they will get you exposure and bring you quality leads.  Social media can do a lot more than inform you about your favorite topics or let you post an occasional press release or comments.

We have the expertise to analyse your situation and implement a long-term social media strategy for your company.  From the creation of social media pages to content research and publishing, let us help you get your share of exposure on the web.  Contact us for more information.

Branding strategies

Since many players in our industry are small and medium size businesses, many brands are only known across certain segments of the industry or locally in given regions.  However, it does not mean the concept of branding should not be pushed to a higher level to help your business grow.  Brands could be extended to other segments of industries, other geographic markets or there exist co-branding opportunities.  We can work with you and look closer at your products and services portfolio and decide in which direction we want to go and create more value for you.

Sub-contracting services

Machinery manufacturing is sometime like a roller coaster, we have to deal with peaks in design and fabrication, but have to remain lean for tougher times.  Our industry is changing fast and you need to adapt.  The Link Pack team is constantly searching for qualified sub-contractors in different regions in the field of machining, sheet metal, programming, robotic as well as various suppliers.  Other OEM Partners could also be interested in working in partnership with your company in some areas of manufacturing.  This is only one more benefit to be part of our network and it comes at no cost to you.  Contact us for more information.

3D mechanical machine design

Outsourcing machines or even sub-assemblies design is something most packaging OEM executives are reluctant to do.  However, there are situations where non-critical portions of a project can be designed by outside staff.  Even better, if you are manufacturing stand-alone machines and have to integrate more than one machine with conveyors and accumulation, it may be a good reason to shop for external resource with that expertise.  In many case, it won’t cost you more (than doing it internally) at the time of design and possibly a lot less when the actual system gets built and delivered.  We keep an updated database of qualified contractors that can help, please contact us for more details.

Machine integration projects

Integrating mechanically and electronically several packaging machinery is certainly an expertise not mastered by all OEMs.  In addition to tight deadlines and management of multiple machine projects at the same time, you need to have space and staff available to deliver a successful project.  Unless it is something simple that you feel comfortable doing, it may be a good idea to leave it to professionals.  We keep and updated database of qualified contractors that can help, please contact us for more details.

Technical writing

Machinery shipping

Rigging and installation