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Control GMC DM500

The DM500 is a vibrating filler designed specifically to distribute very small quantities of dry products either in powder, such as spices, or in grains like pepper.


This filler works based on vibrations, the quantity being controlled by the time of this vibration.


With a set of screen the powders, or the grains, can be distributed evenly or in a donut shape.


Products fillers and mixers


Adjustable vibrating speed through a wash down control box

PLC controlled, providing time adjustment

Control GMC - Easy maintenance: easily accessible mechanical parts, simple open design. In house programming & support

Long lasting equipment: all metal parts in stainless steel, except the vibrator unit


Hopper`s capacity: up to 40lbs

Electricity: 115 VAC, 1 amp, 60 Hz

Footprint: within the layout of the conveyor where the DM500 is installed




nuts & dried fruits

confection & sweets

meats & proteins

solids in brine