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Link Pack Group is proud to offer a complete range of automatic bagging machinery in Canada. If you are considering flexible packaging to pack your products, we certainly can help you find the right solution.


Working closely with market-leading packaging equipment manufacturers makes our job clear and enjoyable. We know we can count on our OEM Partners to support you at every stage in your project.


Every year, our suppliers will bring innovative packaging, improved designs, and faster machines to the marketplace to ensure you can stay ahead of the curve.

Integrated Systems


Choosing the right bagging system is only one piece of the puzzle. Products need to be efficiently transferred from the processing side to the packaging area and accurately filled into the flexible package. Our industry-wide connections with major OEM Partners ensure that you obtain the exact scale, filler, or robotic feeder to integrate perfectly with your bagger system.


Efficiency does not stop after bags are correctly filled and sealed. They typically need to be inspected for defects, then packed in cartons, trays, cases, or secondary packaging. Link Pack Group can supply fully integrated packaging lines for bags and pouches by integrating coding systems, seal inspection, metal detectors, checkweighers, and x-ray systems to reject any faulty products.

Our expertise in the various fields of packaging machinery is at your service.

Baggers for Cheese & Meat – USDA 3A Compliant


The dairy and meat industries must comply with the highest level of sanitation procedures for primary packing areas. Packaging equipment in these facilities must resist the punishment of daily washing and sanitation methods. The machines should be accessible for cleaning and inspection on all sides and designed to avoid retaining any product or water.


SN Pouch Pack is proud to offer, on a worldwide scale, a range of Horizontal Form-Fill-Seal Baggers for shredded cheese, meat products, or any other products packed in a plant where equipment must meet USDA 3A sanitation standards. Vertical Form-Fill-Seal baggers which meet USDA 3A Dairy Standards are available through Triangle Package Company.

Stickpack Multilane Machines


Stick pack is a practical and convenient solution as an alternative to conventional single-dose packaging. This type of packaging is more sustainable because it employs less material and reduces volume. 


ARANOW is proud to offer, on a worldwide scale, a range of user-friendly multilane stick pack machines for packaging any product – regardless of being in granular, pieces, powder, or liquid form. While Aranow can customize all stick pack multilane machines, they offer three main series which vary in production speed. Models an300 for low-speed production, an650 for moderate speed, and an1000 for high-speed.

Flat Sachet


The Pharma, Food, and Cosmetic industries commonly use Flat sachet technology, especially for granulated, liquid, or powder form products. It is the optimum format for sampling or to be attached with magazines because it is thinner than stickpack and very flexible for format changes.


ARANOW is proud to offer a range of user-friendly multilane machines worldwide. They specialize in packaging nearly any product, whether granular, pieces, powder, or liquid.

Pillow Bags Made from Rollstock


Made from rollstock on Vertical Form-Fill-Seal Baggers, Pillow Bags can be made from various films and run at high speed with a minimal footprint. The common use for Pillow Bags is for snacks, cereal, poultry, and frozen foods. Vertical FFS Baggers are relatively inexpensive compared to Horizontal FFS Baggers, and size changeovers are easier and faster to achieve.


Triangle Package Machinery Company manufactures both intermittent and continuous-motion VFFS in Chicago, IL, USA. They offer washdown VFFS compliant with USDA 3A sanitation standards.

Quad Seal Bags Made from Rollstock


Quad seal bags feature a flat bottom, crisp corner seals, and an optional offset back seal, which provides a clean space at the back of the package for additional graphics. For many products, such as cereal or crackers, stand-up bags also offer improved sustainability and material savings, as they eliminate the need for a cardboard carton. Additional markets include IQF poultry or specialty products, confectionery, and snacks.


Model XYT can run supported (laminated), or non-supported film in bag sizes up to 15″ wide. It offers the only film-cage integrated transverse zipper applicator. Pillow Bags made from rollstock.

FFS Baggers with Ultrasonic Sealing


VFFS Baggers with Ultrasonic sealing help improve OEE by creating an airtight seal, which significantly reduces leakers and rejects and offers savings on film, material, and labor. Cold sealing technology also provides energy savings and other benefits ideal for various markets, including cheese, confectionery, leafy produce, liquids, powders, and seafood.


Ultrasonic cross seal and back seal options are available on several Triangle VFFS Baggers. It is possible to easily switch between Ultrasonic cross seal and traditional heat seal on the same bagging machine for added flexibility.

Machine Integration Projects


Mechanically and electronically integrating several packaging machinery components is undoubtedly not expertise mastered by all OEMs. In addition to tight deadlines and simultaneous management of multiple machine projects, you need to have space and staff to deliver a successful project. Unless it is something simple that you feel comfortable doing, it may be good to leave it to professionals.

Form-Fill-Seal Baggers from Tubular Reel


The use of tubular plastic instead of pre-made bags offers a notable economic advantage for the customer since it reduces workforce requirements and ensures continuous plant use. Moreover, the tubular plastic costs less than pre-made bags, so recovering the cost of the machinery requires just a short time.


CONTINUA, FFS-E, and FFS FORZA are CONCETTI‘s innovative, fully automatic bagging systems that forms, fills, and seals bags made from a reel of tubular thermoplastic material. Typical bagging applications for Form-Fill-Seal Baggers for large PE bags are bagging of wood pellets, bagging of sugar, and bagging of premix.

Replacement Parts for Sealing, Cutting & Punching


Lako’s range of seal jaws, crimpers, knives, anvils, hole punches, fin wheels, formers, and product carriers integrate with virtually all packaging machinery. See Lako Tools’ product range.


Their proprietary design, materials, and surface treatments ensure lasting, reliable performance, so our products can perform more than 3X longer than competitors. We bring the same quality to a range of head assemblies and retro-fits for low-cost upgrades in flexibility and efficiency.

Bagging of Dry Mortars and Cement-Based Products


Thanks to Concetti, it is now possible to change from pre-made valve bags to PE bags. The tubular reel of PE bagging prevents batches from suffering any leakage and ensures a cleaner and healthier environment for the operators while still assuring a nicely pillow-shaped bag and a very stable pallet.


A specialized auger feeding system, produced with a higher gauge metal and anti-abrasive coating, will guarantee more extended durability and effectiveness when packing bags with products like cement, little stones, gravel, and sand.  These products are fed with one or two net weighers (NET/CC) and from there into the bag-holder of our Continua FFS machine.

Premade Stand-up Pouch


Without any doubt, the stand-up pouch is becoming one of the most popular packagings on the market today. Adopted by large and small food processors, it offers high-impact graphics and scores very well with low carbon footprint packaging.


LEEPACK / PSG LEE, licensed to sell under the PPi Technologies GROUP Banner, is a clear market leader in North America for pre-made pouch fill/seal machinery, especially in the dry food segment. The PSG LEE pre-made pouch fill/seal bagger is available in a standard (dry spec) configuration for most dry product applications or as a washdown option with a separate electrical cabinet or dry specification.


The average operating speed of a simplex pre-formed pouch bagger will vary between 35 to 50 pouches per minute, depending on the product to be filled and pouch size. If your need is to run faster speed, but without going to a Horizontal Form-Fill-Seal, a Duplex PSG LEE pouch filler/sealer will reach a speed of up to 100 pouches per minute.

Stand-Up Pouch Made from Rollstock


The stand-up pouch (also called Doypack or Deltapack) is a prevalent form of packaging. It is a handy yet stable packaging solution that can achieve a larger filling capacity than pillow pouches with identical external dimensions.


Pre-made pouches are great for frequent size changeovers. However, the benefits of a horizontal or vertical Form-Fill-Seal Bagger, which makes pouches from rollstock, are attractive when volumes are high, and changeovers are limited. A wide variety of sizes, styles, and shapes of pouches can be formed and filled on Vertical FFS Baggers for Stand-up pouches made by Triangle Package Machinery or Horizontal FFS Baggers made by SN Pouch-Pack Technology.

Open Mouth Bags


Industries packaging ingredients such as sugar, flour, pet food, chemical, and construction products typically use pre-made Open-Mouth Bags, varying from 0.5kg to 50kg. Often made of paper or laminated plastics, they can be closed by sewing machines, hot melt adhesive, tape, or heat sealed.


Concetti Group of Italy has a complete range of open-mouth bagging machines for different size bags and scales, bag handling systems, and palletizers for bags. They also provide solutions for slower speeds like the  Model IGF 600 open-mouth bagger. In addition, the IGF-Series Multifunction open-mouth bagging machines offer performance in a minimal footprint for all kinds of products like flour, grain, cereal, and seeds.

High-Speed Open Mouth Bags & FFS Combo


The STARPACK® High-speed bagging system by the Concetti Group is your solution when flexibility and high speed are required to remain competitive.


Depending on the configuration, the STARPACK® can run open-mouth bags of 10kg to 50kg at speeds of 1200 bags/hour or 1600 bags/hour. The bag material can be pretty much any paper, plastic, or laminated bags. What makes this open-mouth bagger unique is adding an FFS Module. This feature enables the machine to produce its own bags from rollstock.


Concetti Group of Italy has a complete range of open-mouth bagging machines for different size bags and scales, bag handling systems, and palletizers for bags. They also provide solutions for slower speeds like the  Model IGF 600 open-mouth bagger. In addition, the IGF-Series Multifunction open-mouth bagging machines offer performance in a minimal footprint for all kinds of products like flour, grain, cereal, and seeds.

Corner Spout Stand-up pouch


Various liquid products such as edible oils, yogurts, sauces, honey, soap refills, and almost any pourable product are packaged best in corner spout (or corner fitment) pouches.


Pre-made corner fitment pouches can be filled and sealed by a PSG LEE Pouch Bagger. In this machine, the liquid is supplied through the unsealed top portion of the pouch and then closed.


Pre-made pouches without fitment in place are available as an alternative; however, the SN Pouch-Pack Fill-Seal machine is necessary for this pouch-filling process.

Center Spout Stand-up Pouch


Center fitment pouches, typically used as portion packs, have the added reclosable screw cap feature. Spouted pouches can be supplied with the center fitment in place, but without the cap, in which case the IPN Filler/Capper would fill through the fitment and then apply the cap in a similar way a classic capping machine would do.


As an alternative, the pouches can be pre-made but without the fitment in place. In such a case, the SN Pouch-Pack Fill-Seal machine can fill the pouches through the top and then place and weld the fitment in place. Finally, the center fitment pouches can be formed from rollstock, filled, and fitment placed and welded by model LMS 120 by SN Pouch Pack Technology.

Pre-Made Pouch Labeler


Pre-made pouches used for multiple SKUs across all product categories are popular with big and small manufacturers alike. For smaller runs, seasonal products, or customers with tons of product variety, pouch labeling is a good solution.


The Pouch Labeler from Aesus Packaging Systems is easy to adjust and will apply pressure-sensitive labels to the most common size of stand-up pouches used on the market.

Big Bag Filling Systems


The Concetti Group’s broad range of products includes weighing and filling systems for Big Bag (FIBCs/Jumbo bags ranging from 500 to 1500 kg). They feature high-precision weighing capable of handling any product: powders, pellets, chemicals, food products, etc. The product’s characteristics will essentially determine the type of feed system: gravity, belt, or screw types. The operator will be responsible solely for setting the empty Big Bag in the filling position.

IP67 Washdown Combination Scale


Among the various brands and styles of scales, the Omega Series by Yamato offers excellent performance and integration with our range of baggers and cup filling machines.

Please have a look at this machine on our Youtube Channel. Yamato Omega